CHRISTIAN DIOR- "Eau de Dolce Vita" , "Dolce Vita", "Dune", "Tendre Poison", "Poison" banners, tablecloths, runners, pouches, and scarves. "Lip Chic" and "Capture Rides" Aprons.

ARAMIS- "Havana", "Lab Series", and "Tommy Hilfiger" banners, tablecloths, tote bags, and pouches.

PRESCRIPTIVES- Analyst Uniforms, "Calyx", "ColorScents", and "Px" banners, tablecloths, tote bags, chair covers, and cosmetic cases.

ESTEE LAUDER- "Pleasures" , "Creme de la Mer" "Tuscany per Donna" tablecloths, scarves, and pouches.

SAKS FIFTH AVENUE- Nina Ricci's "Deci Dela" tablecloths, curtains and cosmetic room. Mother's Day and Father's Day tablecloths. Chair Covers.

LANCASTER GROUP- Davidoff's "Cool Water for Women" tablecloths.

McCALL'S- Black Patent CD Case, Black Patent Candy Case.

CLINIQUE- "Juicy Fruits" cosmetic bags, Spring cosmetic bags and pouches.

THE BON TON- Christmas Tablecloths.

AVEDA- Clear PVC Shopping Bags.

RAINRUNNER- RainRunner raincoat for AudArt Gallery opening.